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  1. Our family goes to Umeko frequently. The food is great and the price is right! Great variety of sushi. The hot food is always piping hot (which is sometimes hard to find at a buffet.) The servers always pay special attention to our little girl. It’s our favorite place to go as a family!

    Comment by Lynn
    April 9, 201011:01 am
  2. I have been eating at this Umeko’s now for about 10 years. The ownership has gone through many chnages I feel now it is finally home. The food is well prepared and the sushi area, my special area is fit for a KING! They have excellent prices on Japanese beer and Saki. It woud be nice to see some unfiltered saki as this is so smooth and tasty. With so many food choices it is hard to try everything but I do try. In the evenings the sashimi plates are full of sweet tasting fish along with many different rolls. The service is very good. The hostess takes very good care of her customers and seats them in there special areas each time they arrive, very friendly. I will return to dine every other Wednesday evening and on special occassions.

  3. My wife and I been coming to this place for years.Love this place,especially their Sushi Bar.Live in Vacaville and we go almost every week.Nice people and treat you right.Price right and where else can you go with this kind of treatment.I have never tried all the goodies they have.No way I can do it.They are too many to choose from.Very good Dishes.Highly recomended.

    Comment by Art
    May 19, 20112:13 pm
  4. I recently visited Umeko’s for the first time. I really enjoyed it; however, as a vegetarian, may I please suggest that you offer mixed vegetables without any seafood since most vegetarians don’t eat seafood. Also, can you please add deep fried tofu (maybe szechuan style). I really enjoyed the vegetable lo mein and the green beens. Everything was very fresh and delicious. I will definitely come back soon. Thank you!

    Comment by Kathey Norton
    October 31, 20119:36 pm

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